Home Theater Solutions

With a full understanding of digital media delivery for all aspects of digital cinema presentations Digital Bel-Air provides the latest technology in high quality, turn-key Digital Cinema systems.

High Quality, First-Run, Digitally Provided Films

Digital Bel-Air installs, maintains, monitors and delivers Digital Cinema Movies to your home. Experience first-run films without the hassle of couriers and mechanical equipment.

A Custom Screening Room Made For Your Home

We work with you to find a projector and sound system solution that will fit your home perfectly. From estimates to installation, we take care of you through the whole process

Home Theater Services We Provide

Screening Room Design and Installation

Digital Bel-Air is the total package for digital cinema private screening rooms. We'll be with you from design to ongoing support.

Top Quality For Your Screening

We provide only the latest technology in projecting equipment and surround sound for your screening experience.

First Run Films Delivered Digitally

All movies are delivered and loaded on to a digital cinema server by Digital Bel-Air staff. No couriers, and no hassle.

DCI-Compliant Playback Systems

Digital Bel-Air meets and exceeds the requirements for administrating software security keys.

Total Client Control Through Automation

Our automation system includes total client control: lights, curtains and presentation.

Complete Screening Experience

Everything from window shades, lights, screen settings to climate control can be programmed for effortless show starts every time.

Watch Your Films at Home
In Professional Quality
We will walk you through the design, installation, automation and after purchase support of your professional screening room.